Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spring Swing!

Yesterday afternoon, Ophelia mentioned that Addison might like to try swinging in one of those baby swings at the playground.  I was wondering if she would be able to sit up in one, but it was a nice day so we figured it would be worth a shot.  After I got off work, we went out searching high and low for a park with a baby swing (I swear, I used to always see them when they were useless to me, but now that we needed one, all of a sudden we're Indiana Jones hunting for the Holy Grail).  Finally, we found a cute little swing and settled Addison's cute little bootie into it. Watch the video below to see what happened:

Ahhh, thank God for sunny spring evenings and our sweet little girl.  =)

To see the video on your PC or Laptop, go to this link:

To see the video on your mobile device, go to this link:


  1. This is truly a special Mother's Day treat! Agree?
    How lovely Adison swings! Her hands hold just right and her legs swing according to the movement! She knows how to enjoy swing and offer happiness to her beloved parents + those who are lucky enough to share in viewing the video!Lucky me!
    Congratulations and Happy Mother's Day!

  2. A cute, cute baby's happy outing!

  3. You're not kidding about the availability! I ended up my buying a little kid swing for Hailey off Amazon and hanging it the park next to us. Now all she wants to do is swing swing swing swing, for hours on end...