Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week 2: The Many Faces of Addison

Hi everyone! Thanks for signing up for Addison email delivery *ding ding*.  The second week has gone by so fast.  We're just getting into somewhat of a (sleepless) rhythm, also preparing for Jeremy to go back to work next week.  Addison has been enjoying her time exercising her face and making all sorts of weird amusing expressions. 

Tepid rah rah-ing of UW Football during a tepid loss to LSU.  Onesie was still way cute though.

We just heard that research shows those smiles at even 2 weeks may be real.  So here's looking at you!

This is Addison's face right before she leaves us a surprise.  It's even cuter in person.  What comes out is less cute.

Addison enjoying her borrowed bassinet.  A lot.  =)

This is Addison worried that these "mitten" things are permanent.  

I've caught her laughing a couple times now, but can't tell if they're just a funny breathing style.

Another melt your heart smile for Momma.

Daddy's new office arrangement when working nights at home.

Sleeping peacefully early this morning.  Explosion in 5. . 4. . .3. . .

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  1. Yes, I notice Addison is a happy and expressive baby - either when she is musing, having sweet dreams, or working hard at her little "chores" ...

    - Her doting grandmama