Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Announcing Miss Addison Seoi-Hei Wu!

Hello, we'd like to introduce you to our very own daughter:

Addison Seoi-Hei Wu

   Seoi Hei Wu
Seoi-Hei means "Outstanding" and "The hope that comes with the dawn" in Chinese
The character Seoi was given to her by Ophelia's Maternal Grandfather and the character Hei was given to her by Addison's Maternal Grandmother.

She also has a second similar Chinese Name (Wu family tradition) that will go into the Wu family geneology book which is: 
   Yuen Hei Wu 
Yuen-Hei means "New Generation" (this is the character for the 53rd Generation of the Wu Family) and together with Hei means "First Sunrise"

Here's the numbers =)

Born August 28, 2012 at 11:05 AM 
8-2-8 means Lots of Money in Chinese (uh oh)
5 lbs 15 ounces
17.5 inches long
APGAR Score: 9 out of 10 (That's an A =D)

She looks a little bit like daddy, and a little bit like momma.
Happy healthy birth. Momma and baby are doing great, just resting peacefully.
Daddy's still trying to figure out how to swaddle her without exposing her little booty.
She's a very good girl, likes to smile at daddy, holds her hands to her face when she sleeps like momma.

Can't wait to go home.  =)

Thanks everyone for your love, support and prayers.  

-Jeremy and Ophelia
(Tired, proud, and grateful newbie parents)

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